Monday, March 26, 2012

Last weekend I got back to hills of Cibadak, trying to find new shorter trail from Cibadak to Gunung Pancar. The landscape was really amazing, with lots of rocky streams and rice fields:

The tall grass in the above photo was some fun. I wasn't too confident walking through it because of snakes I saw in the area (actually on the other side of the hill around Gunung Pancar) and also there were quite a few hidden holes in the grass:

Surprisingly, I could not find a single snake all the trail. Even better, not a single banana spider.

Anyway, as it turns out,  my planned route was useless because all the roads shown on Google Earth/ Garmin GPS map that I planned to take were only virtual. I end up trekking 3km through a rocky stream and could not find any way out because of steep hills on both banks of the stream:

The mark 98 visible on Google Earth as a road, where I planned to go up the hill, was actually a small waterfall! Too bad I could not take photos because by the time I got to the stream it was already too dark:

Anyway, after 1 hour of trekking through the stream including 30 minutes in complete darkness I managed to find way out and back to a dirt road. I think I'll need to get stronger flashlight, because the one I had was useless in longer distance, so I couldn't find any road behind grass. I end up switching it off, so after a while I could see roads in the distance. Running in the dark I also scared few farmers, who weren't quite expecting someone running in darkness.

Overall, it was really fun trekking/running. I did not get to my planned destination, but I found few great dirt roads for trail runs.The stream trekking was also great, I'll probably try going up some mountain stream again. Oh, and I'll try to find that trail to Gunung Pancar again - got new route already planned.

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