Thursday, October 04, 2007

BiZNET has launched a very interesting service, a FREE on-line file storage with almost 1GB of free space to store any of your files on a remote server! It is easily accessible via web interface and I must say that access from Indonesian networks is incredibly fast. It is a fantastic service and I’m seriously surprised to see that local ISP could come up with something like that and offer it for FREE. It’s definitely a cool service for exchanging large files, keeping your backups on remote locations, sharing data for larger number of users etc. and I definitely recommend using it. Yet, knowing BiZNET’s reputation in the area of information security I think it is better not to store any sensitive data there. Obviously, a simple solution to this problem is to use encryption, such as encrypting ZIP files, using PGP or TrueCrypt which will ensure that content of your files will remain confidential - just make sure you keep backups in case it incidentally disappears from the server.

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