Thursday, October 04, 2007

BiZNET has launched a very interesting service, a FREE on-line file storage with almost 1GB of free space to store any of your files on a remote server! It is easily accessible via web interface and I must say that access from Indonesian networks is incredibly fast. It is a fantastic service and I’m seriously surprised to see that local ISP could come up with something like that and offer it for FREE. It’s definitely a cool service for exchanging large files, keeping your backups on remote locations, sharing data for larger number of users etc. and I definitely recommend using it. Yet, knowing BiZNET’s reputation in the area of information security I think it is better not to store any sensitive data there. Obviously, a simple solution to this problem is to use encryption, such as encrypting ZIP files, using PGP or TrueCrypt which will ensure that content of your files will remain confidential - just make sure you keep backups in case it incidentally disappears from the server.


mgunawan said...

not yet tried this "BIZNET Storage" service, but actually I am rather pessimistic with such service, as it won't last long.
I have ever used some online storage service, but not any more now.

Currently, a simple but also a big storage service is GMAIL.
How? Just open an Gmail account then send an email with attachment of file you want to store from your normal email. Finally your files are saved in Gmail account.
If you need it, just go to your Gmail account.

I am using it currently not for storing big files, but archiving important email.

Marek Bialoglowy said...

I think Gmail gets kinda slow on Indonesian networks, thus having one 1GB with good bandwidth with all local ISPs is something very useful.

Tedi Heriyanto said...

For encryption, you can also use GNU Privacy Guard (

It can be used in Windows and UNIX-based operating systems.

And it's a free software. :D

ed said...

1 GB storage in Indonesia? Sounds good enough for me. I think we should appreciate their effort to increase the local content. :)

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