Monday, June 26, 2006

Following the previous post with photos from Bali, this time I'd like to post few photos from my trip to North Sulawesi ...


Island around Bunaken

Cruise around Bunaken

Fishing at Sangihe Island (7h by boat from Manado)

Beach at Sangihe Island

Manado from boat

Bunaken was certainly an amazing place to visit and corals were indeed incredible beautiful. I really enjoyed swimming by motorboat around the Bunaken and eating fresh seafood on the islands. I've also found Sangihe Island to be very unique place and taking seven hours cruise by ferry from Manado was worth the effort. I’ve had a chance to eat the best "kelapa muda" (young coconut) I've ever eaten in my life, admire the almost untouched wildlife as well as enjoying snorkelling around incredible beaches. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to visit Siau Island, but plan to go there around October 2006 and I will certainly bring some photos with me.

Update: Photos from my trip to Siau island can be found here.

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