Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If you are tired of spam, here comes an idea of good revenge. In a brief summary Nigerian scammer got tricked and sent two guys to travel 1.400 miles (2253 km) from Nigeria to Chad in order to pick-up nonexistent money from nonexistent camp.

The story is ongoing and to this date two guys from Nigeria already travelled 931 miles and I believe everyone is waiting to see how the story ends.

Mr. Williams

One of the two lads sent by Barrister Kuku to steal money from Rev. Belcher

Mr. Okonji

Read the full story here.

Friday, May 12, 2006

On May 12th, students at Jakarta's Trisakti University, many of them the children of the elite, planned to march to parliament to present the government with their demands for reform. The police prevented the students from marching. Some time after 5pm, uniformed men on motorcycles appeared on the flyover which overlooks Trisakti. Shots rang out. Four students were killed.

Several bloggers including Jakartass (Part 2) and Jakarta Kid recall their memories of May 1998 events in Indonesia. If you want to know more about Indonesian history I strongly recommend reading it.

Finally, Indcoup's version.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Very good news! Google Maps and Google Earth finally provide high quality satellite map of Jakarta. Finally, after waiting for so long, I’ll be able to use this precise satellite map of Jakarta in my own applications (through Google API), I can also measure the distance between various points of Jakarta (using Google Earth), record location of various places in Jakarta, use this map in my research etc. The list of possible use of this map is very long and I bet many of you will find it extremely useful in your own projects.

Unfortunately, the map is approximately 2 years old, so if you need a very accurate current map of Jakarta or it is a commercial project, you’ll probably have to buy a commercial map. The area of West and South Jakarta is also not included, thus you won't find Blok M there nor Fatmawati street. However, considering that Google provides this map free of charge, I think this is not a reason to complain about.

Anyway, find links to satelite zoom of some well known spots in Jakarta:

Cool isn’t it?!

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