Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If you are tired of spam, here comes an idea of good revenge. In a brief summary Nigerian scammer got tricked and sent two guys to travel 1.400 miles (2253 km) from Nigeria to Chad in order to pick-up nonexistent money from nonexistent camp.

The story is ongoing and to this date two guys from Nigeria already travelled 931 miles and I believe everyone is waiting to see how the story ends.

Mr. Williams

One of the two lads sent by Barrister Kuku to steal money from Rev. Belcher

Mr. Okonji

Read the full story here.


treespotter said...

i'm not too sure what the real story was - sorry but the story's broken up in too many pages, can't read from the beginning.

but really, people who fall for scammers... well, let's just say i'm not too impressed that they could fall for such things in the first place.

in any case, marek, how're you?

Marek Bialoglowy said...

I think my post wasn't clear enough. I hope the corrected version explains everything.

IndCoup said...

write another post soon!

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