Saturday, September 01, 2007

On Saturday, Sept. 1, a very rare meteor shower will take in the skies. The peak time is 6:30-7pm WIB (Jakarta time), which is not a favorable time for a Jakarta observer, because of two reasons. First of all, the sky is still relatively bright before 7pm, and the second reasons is that unfortunately in Southern hemisphere the meteor shower will be less visible as Auriga constalation - source of Meteors - is far below the Horizon during the peak time.

Those of you who live in North-Eastern Indonesia are obviously more lucky, as meteors will be easier to spot on a dark night sky and the Auriga constalation is also closer to the horizon. The best spot to observe this unique event is obviously Jayapura:


Myself, I plan to observe it from Puncak area as Jakarta’s sky during night is little too bright to have a clear view of meteors. For those who also plan to watch this interesting event from Java, just look at the North-East side of the sky after 23:00.

Actually, this week is full of interesting astronomical events, as last Tuesday we could observe a total lunar eclipse. Good luck in observing meteors.

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