Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another day of the Jakarta flood. Today, I had to go through the flood to Cempaka Mas to buy some food. Surprisingly, there was actually more water in Kelapa Gading area than yesterday and I barely managed to cross the river to get to Cempaka Mas mal. Well, and when I already got there it was a completely different world. Business running as usualy, shops and restaurants open, supermarkets full of food etc. Meanwhile in flooded areas of jakarta the flood forced around 300,000 from their homes. Anyway, here are some photos that I took on Sunday afternoon:

Jl. Gading 7 on Sunday afternoon

Jl. Gading 7 on Saturday afternoon

Clearly the water level has increased since yesterday. It also does not look like the conditions would get better anytime soon.

Flooded school.

Area of Cempaka Mas.

As I've previously mentioned I'm amazed with the way locals handle various disasters and keep their positive nature in worst conditions. Today, I got several SMS representing positive nature of Indonesians, one goes like this: "BREAKING NEWS. Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso proudly WELCOMES TO THE GRAND OPENING of his new project, the Jakarta SUPER GRAND WATER WORLD 2007. Full of special attractions such as submarine-bus way and spectacular views of largest WATER WORLD in ASIA. FREE entry for all citizens, don't miss it!".

I just wonder who came up with this funny joke, but it could be related to this post at Blog Tempo Interaktif.

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