Friday, January 26, 2007

Jakarta has some interesting three-in-one rule, in which a car must carry at least three passengers when passing through a restricted zone - applied from 7AM to 10AM and from 4:30PM to 7:30PM. The regulation was put in place by Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso in order to reduce traffic jams in Jakarta. You might think that this could be a very fairly annoying obstacle. Well, not for some clever Jakartans who surprisingly managed to make a living out of this regulation. If you happen to drive your car alone and need to cross three-in-one zone you can always get a "jockey", a person who for a small fee will join you for a ride across three-in-one zone. For those unfamiliar with Jakarta "jockeys" look like someone just like hitchhikers trying to catch a free ride and if you happen to see no "jockey" around and really need to get across three-in-one zone, make sure you take two friends along with you to avoid problems with police :-)


w said...

hi marek, there is a new regulation that is being contemplated: it will use an ERP system similar to Singapore. So, it will just charge the drivers more money to drive thru there. itll be interesting to see how they will enforce people to pay.
in singapore, car registrations are more closely tied to the actual owner and driver of the car. i.e. license plate XYZ actually belongs to mrs. abcd, and she really does live at jl. fghi.
something quite uncommon in Jakarta at least.

Anonymous said...

Only two friends? In my case policeman was happy only with two friends and their four clones.

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